UPDATE NOTE: My Python section is under construction. What you read below is true, but I'm now pulling away from Autohotkey. It's still a killer combination with Python, but I'm getting a lot better with Python and am flexing some .py script muscle. I'm porting anything my AHK scripts can do into Python to better compartmentalize what I do at work in terms of making backups of my scripts and general "File Cleanliness" if that makes any sense. In stead of providing "Get the Program" links for my scripts. From now on, I'm going to provide just a good description of the programs, what they do, background, etc and then the source code. In a loose way under GPL3.0, just use whatever code you like or use these as examples. I have really come a long way and am ready to show off some great stuff! I'm no master but I'm sure I can help. I'm even confident enough to have started a stackoverflow profile in hopes of helping my first person. Additionally, I finally figured out pyinstall to make executables. I have created windocker as an exe and under GPL3.0 license. Will be reconstructing this section very soon. Please look for it. In the meantime, I have pulled the child pages from this section.

Python is my current favorite language. Just like a good toolbox, there is a right tool for a job. Sometimes, there is an even better tool than that. Python really shines for me when coupled with AutoHotKey. The combination is fantastic. I use Python in two ways that are important to me. The first is that it lets be sit back and just create. I've made a lot of 'dumb little games', but they were great learning experiences and just provided some nice hobby time. The second improves my efficiency at work. I am highly organized and like to use shortcuts, scripts, or any tool that allows me to access compartmentalized data or work spaces. Python lets me do just that.

Take a look at some of the code and syntax. I will try to post good examples that will help you or anyone else do specific tasks. I have a Python file that I've named my 'Ultimate Library'. It's not a script/program that will actually run. Instead it's just a nicely organized list of subjects and examples that one may encounter when attempting to accomplish something in Python.

Enjoy. I hope you will like working with this language as much as I do.