Dungeons and Dragons (5e)

I've been blessed to be able to play D&D with my core family this past several years. My daughter and my eldest son take turns as DM. Lately, I've been DMing for the first time. I've really taken the baptism by fire as my first campaign I'm running is the Dungeon of the Mad Mage. We are having an amazing time. We play every Sunday from Noon to 3pm. I don't think we've missed a Sunday yet.

Lately, we've been using an old flat screen monitor we found at a thrift store. I scan the Mad Mage dungeons and run them in GIMP on that monitor. We zoom out to see the map and zoom in to 1100% to use it for encounters. We put our models on the screen that is laying flat on the game table. I use layers in GIMP to do anything from effects (fog, acid, fire, etc), furniture, fog-of-war, and more.

I'm placing this section here, but don't currently know what I'll post. Maybe summaries of our adventures? Maybe images/photos? Who knows?