TinyHammer 40k (Home Brew Rules for Epic 40,000)

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This is a section for my take on Games Workshop's Epic, mostly known as Epic 40,000 or simply Epic. This is not Epic, but it is a way to play Warhammer 40,000 at a smaller scale enabling you to have larger fights using smaller models.
I am aware of NetEpic. As I understand it, I believe it is some sort of open source rules for Epic 40,000 as official Epic no longer exists. No, I haven't read it or played it. I downloaded the NetEpic rules and will review them. I watched it played on Youtube and it seemed a little complicated. The goal of TinyHammer is to be extremely easy to run. All you need to know is how to play regular Warhammer 40k. My rules will help you scale it down to the 6mm models as opposed to the 28mm models. As I mention many times in the rules, this is merely a guide. Let it guide you to make your own rules or give you some ideas to enhance your existing games. I hope you enjoy.