Has Been Overhauled Yet Again

Welcome to the bigger, better! The site has changed and grown in many ways. As I learn new things, I tend to rebuild the entire site. This one, is my first time using both a template, and a content management system. It feels like I'm cheating as I'm used to hand coding everything. This experience hasn't been without its issues. A CMS is not terribly easy to learn for someone who is used to building everything. I have backups of everything I've ever done on this domain. I still have the original It's quite hilarious. It looks like an early 90's site. I think it may have been too, at least a mid 90's build.
I hope to use this more as the end result means an easier to use site. Providing updates via the blog module should be many times easier than this site's prior build. Hope you enjoy your visit.
---Bill Napier

So, that was the raw text copied from my Welcome section. This is yet another iteration of my site. It holds true to the original intent, to learn. I really am learning a lot using a CMS. That surprised me. Over time, my site will become more 'fleshed out'. Currently, at the time of this post, there are obvious components that still contain template 'fake' content. In my free time, I will work to whittle this down to just my content. I can then work on expanding and correcting certain funcionalities. I have a very similar challenge with my wife's overhauled site I am splitting my time between sites cleaning up issues. So if this appears to be progressing at a snail's pace, that is the reason.

This blog module will really help me post more. I hope to do just that. My prior site build was hand coded. There was no blog module, but a simulated version that was pure HTML. Updating was a pain. So much so that I just stopped posting. This version should be as easy as logging in and adding content.

Until then, enjoy what you can. Check out my Writing section. That will probably receive the most updates as I churn out more flash fiction.