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Around early November, I asked my oldest son what he wanted for Christmas. He surprised me with "I want you to write a story for me." I was pretty surprised and flattered. I asked what kind of story and he said "Something with a bridge in it and it has to have something to do with the supernatural" or did he say "must have a supernatural element in it". Either way, I got the gist of it here for you as I'm paraphasing. So I wrote Gabe's Story. It's a story for my oldest son, Gabe. It's also about the main character Gabe who writes stories. And without spoiling the ending, he gets to tell his own story. It's a huge mish mash of "Inception" in story form I suppose. I don't know. I never saw the movie.

So how do i write this thing? I need inspiration. So that's where I started. I need to be inspired, in the mood, ready, hungry. Just like in my other arts such as painting little miniatures. It just has to hit me. And sometimes it doesn't hit me for the better part of a year. I have so many unpainted minis. There was a place I used to go at lunchtime when I worked in Lake Bluff. It was a forest preserve called Middlefork Savanna. There is a copse of trees at one part of the trail where every time I walked underneath, I'd come out the other side full and bursting with story ideas. I think it really helped me write that one and only novel of mine. Well take what you know. So I took this idea of mine where I sort of believe there is something special about that place. I don't know what it is, but something talks to me. Something passes on great ideas for me to use. I borrowed my real life experience of that little copse of trees at Middlefork Savanna and used it to write this story. I'm sure you'll know what I mean by the time you finish reading this.

And again, I went into this one not sure I'd enjoy it. Then I came out the other side excited about this story. I hope you enjoy it as well. And Merry Christmas little buddy. and Merry Christmas to all of you who read this. Even if you are finding this page in July, I guess have a great day.

Gabe's Story
(C) Copyright December 11th 2021