Hsuan Sha's Guiding and Aiding Living Beings

In the 88th case in the Blue Cliff Record, we find Hsuan Sha teaching the community.

He said "The old adepts everywhere all speak of guiding and aiding living beings. Supposing they encountered three kinds of sick person, how would they guide them? With a blind person, they could pick up the gavel or raise the whisk, but he wouldn't see. With a deaf person, he wouldn't hear the point of words. With a mute person, if they had him speak, he wouldn't be able to speak. But how would they guide such people? If they couldn't guide these people, then the Buddha Dharma has no effect."

A monk asked Yun Men for his instruction regarding Hsuan Sha's teaching. Yun Men poked at the monk with his staff and the monk moved away.
"You're not blind."
Yun Men asked the monk to come closer. He did.
"You're not deaf."
Yun Men asked "Do you understand?"
The monk said he did not.
"You're not mute."
At that point, the monk had insight.

My thoughts on this koan:
Later on in the 88th case in the Blue Cliff Record, you will find the commentary. My understanding, right or wrong, is the phrase within the commentary I had highlighted.
(from the commentary)
One day Ti Tsang said to Hsuan Sha, "Teacher, I hear you have a saying about three kinds of sick person - is this so or not?"
Sha said "It is so."
Tsang said "I have eyes, ears, nose, and tongue - how will you guide me, Teacher?"
Hsuan Sha immediately stopped.

The part I highlighted is this:
I have eyes, ears, nose, and tongue
Hsuan Sha immediately stopped.

I believe the act of stopping, halting, doing nothing, is Hsuan Sha's answer. I believe he was instructing Ti Tsang by indicating the skandas are empty. You can have sight smell taste touch consciousness, but they can lead you into delusion. STOP!
cut off the senses if only for a moment to get a glimpse. I might be way off base or I might have it. Either way, it doesn't matter to anyone but me. All koans are meant to be solved or contemplated individually. We might come up with differing views.
I'll finalise my summery like this ...