Some Minor Changes are Coming to the Site

I had some trouble where the site got hacked. Thankfully, the great help over at HotDrupal has put the site back on track. I'm going to remove some sections that I'm just not using and maybe add one or two. Mostly, this site is just for me. It's to keep current with how this all works and to carve out my own little space on the internet. Knowing that anything I put out here is really out here. So feel free to enjoy the site as a visitor.

Changes off the top of my head:
I'm thinking about removing the guitar section. I haven't practiced it in a very long time, but still have my guitar and amazing amplifier. I'll get around to goofing around with it again sometime. It's very fun to play, but I don't do it enough to contribute my tab collection or blogging here.
I'm going to remove the picture gallery because, It gets stale, I'm too lazy to update it with new pictures, It doesn't work. Something in this template isn't working correctly so the picture section will go away.

I haven't been using my gaming section either, but instead of removing it I'm considering actually using it. Our family plays Dungeons and Dragons together every Sunday from Noon to 3pm. I've been DMing for a while running them through the Mad Mage campaign. I don't know what I'll share here, stories about our sessions? pictures of our gaming? Don't know. I've also made homebrew rules about Warhammer's Killteam called Smallhammer 40K, and homebrew rules about Warhammer's Epic 40,000 called Tinyhammer 40k. I am aware of NetEpic online, but I wanted to make SUPER SIMPLE epic rules. They will be posted.

That's it for now, plus or minus some other changes as I see fit. The site continues, but will be modified to fit what I'm up to these days.